5 Minute Mug Chocolate Cake Recipe

Our guest blog chef this week is Keli with this fantastic Mug Chocolate Cake recipe. Enjoy!


Easily the most deadly recipe on the web as it allows you to create a chocolate cake at any time of the day, in just 5 minutes, this delicious cake is the perfect late night snack.




4tbsp flour

4tbsp sugar

2tbsp unsweetened cocoa

2tbsp whisked egg

3tbsp milk

3tbsp Olive oil

3tbsp chocolate chips




  1. Mix your flour, sugar and cocoa together in your mug, then introduce your egg. Mix well until it becomes pasty.
  2. Stir in your milk and oil, then finish by adding your chocolate chips (for extra flavour add a dash of vanilla)
  3. Pop into your microwave for 3 minutes (if you have got a 1000w oven) or 4 minutes (if you have got a 700w oven).
  4. Check it is set and serve warm.


As you can see this recipe is VERY quick and VERY easy.


My name is Keli and I love to bake, I love to get my kids involved and I love finding quick and easy recipes. Not everyone has the time so visiting an online bakery would be the perfect alternate solution.

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